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Cascade Press 2016 Endorsements

By Michael October 25, 2016 Off

Atlanta, Georgia, Cascade Press has never endorsed a candidate for political office. In spite of this fact, in this digital space,we have not been shy in expressing our views on all things political . This is an unusual election year. We feel the need to endorse a candidate.

Although, Cascade Press will enter the game of endorsing candidates, we will not endorse a candidate for president. We will leave it to the intelligence of the electorate to make a smart selection between the four candidates that are on enough ballots that they could potentially win 270 electoral votes to become the 45th President of the United States of America. read more

I Am Not Saying Lewis is a Sellout

By Michael February 12, 2016 Off

I am not saying that John Lewis is a sellout, or that John Lewis is an Uncle Tom for “dropping the mic” on Bernie Sanders. Neither am I suggesting that Lewis is a liar as some have strongly intimated over recent comments he has made in support of the Clinton’s involvement in the civil rights movement during the 1960s. However, I do believe that John Lewis does not get to define who was or was not an active participant in the civil rights movement. read more