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President Obama Hitting the Ground Running Day One

By Michael April 3, 2017 Off

Editor’s Note: In 2009 I wrote a piece for RuseMagizne.com, “President Obama Hitting the Ground Running Day One,” about the fast start of President Barack Obama in his first 25 days. As we approach 75 days of the Donald Trump administration, we thought it would be interesting to reflect on the early days of Obama’s first 100 days. read more

Obama Said “Nigger”

By Michael June 24, 2015 Off

ATLANTA, GA (CASCADE PRESS) President Barack Obama said “Nigger” the other day.

I just be damn.

Like everything he eats, drinks, wears, thinks and does, it is causing quite a controversy.

What’s new about that?

I just be damned.

It is not like the President called anybody a “Nigger.” It is not that he denigrated anyone with the use of the word “Nigger.” He did not use the term to prove he was superior to a so-called “Nigger.” He did not say “Nigger” in such a way that you knew with a degree of specificity that Obama hated “Niggers.” read more