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Can The World Live With Another Nuclear Power?

By Michael September 4, 2017 Off

Can the world live with another nuclear power? This is the question of the hour as North Korea pushes the envelop. The United States and her western allies are in a quandary as the North Koreans get closer and closer to nudging their way into the super power club.

Currently there are eight nation-states who possess nuclear capability. The west wants to keep the number at eight, but thus far none of the diplomatic pressure leveled upon North Korea has driven them off of their march towards gaining the ability to destroy the world. read more

Trump Locked, Loaded and Checkmated

By Michael August 12, 2017 Off

“Locked and loaded!”

The United States of America’s military plans for a confrontation with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is locked and loaded, according to the US president.

This description of the United States’ preparedness was uttered by the American president during a press conference on the opioid addiction that is engulfing his country. Instead of a locked and loaded plan to combat the opioid crisis in America, he took aim at a tiny island that has been in a state of ceasefire with the USA since 1953. read more

A Load of Nonsense By Any Other name…

By Michael August 10, 2017 Off


“A Load of Nonsense,” that is what the North Korean government’s official position is to the bombastic nonsense spurred out of the mouth of the American President earlier this week.

The Americans under the leadership of their fearless ruler and 45th president threatened to unleash, “Fire and furry, the likes of which the world has never seen,” on the Korean peninsula if the Korean President north of the 38th parallel did not stop actively pursuing a nuclear weapons program that could strike targets in the continental United States. read more

Trump On the Eve of One Hundred Days

By Michael April 25, 2017 Off

On the eve of one hundred days, since President Barack H. Obama handed the country over to Donald J. Trump; and I am amazed at two things.

The first thing that amazes me is the hatred that Trump antagonists have for him. This president is the classic, either you love him or you hate him. A case in point, a recent poll of voters who voted Trump into office say they do not regret their vote. In fact 96 percent of them continue to support him in spite of Trump’s bumbling start. These Trump supporters argue that he should be given time to learn on the job. read more