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The Bern In The House

By Michael February 18, 2016 Off


The Bern was in “The House” on Tuesday this week. “The House” is Morehouse College. For years students and alumni have affectionately dubbed it as simply “The House.” The welcome mat was laid out for Bernie Sanders, affectionately named “The Bern” by a host of loyal followers and supporters of his chaotic run for the White House. read more

Sanders Vows To Win Georgia

By Michael February 17, 2016 Off


Bernie Sanders vows to win the Georgia Presidential Preference Primary which will be held on March 1. Sanders made his pledge to win in Georgia during a campaign stop on his Historical Black College and Universities (HBCU) Tour on Tuesday at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. read more

Stick A Fork In Trump-He’s Done!

By Michael February 4, 2016 Off

You can stick a fork in Donald J. Trump, he’s done. Yes that right, he’s done. He’s done, not medium rare done, but left in the oven too long done, in short, he’s done, as much as any of the candidates who dropped out of the Republican primary this week.

If you like the taste of roasted fowl, slice a piece from his prodigious veneer, because he’s done. Like an over roasted fowl, he’s done, And just as adding loads of gravy to that dried out carcass will not enhance the flavor of the bird, not even many visits to American factories  or farms (where the real people are) will help Trump. read more

Sanders-Clinton Even After One

By Michael February 3, 2016 Off

The Sanders-Clinton battle for the Democratic nomination is virtually even after one inning. With 44 unpledged delegates to this summer’s National Democratic Convention in Philadelphia up for grabs in this week’s Iowa Caucus, the Sanders-Clinton battle lived up to  pundit’s recent expectations. read more

Hillary Feeling the Bern

By Michael January 16, 2016 Off

Hillary Clinton is feeling the” Bern.” It is getting hot in the Democratic Primary fight for President. Hillary has turned to her daughter Chelsea and husband Bill to launch attacks on the political candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

This week a New York Times/CBS poll has Hillary Clinton leading Sanders by only seven points. (48-41 percent). Just one month ago, Hillary Clinton led Bernie Sanders by 20 percentage points. Interestingly, this poll has Sanders leading Clinton 2-to-1 in the 45 year old and under age category. read more

Sitting On the Brink of 2016

By Michael December 31, 2015 Off

2016! We are sitting on the brink of 2016. Twelve more months and the first American president of African descent will be history. His term will have expired, the hatred can cease and the debate over his legacy can begin in earnest.

Once President Obama is out of office will there be a black backlash? Will liberal and progressive white people go back to being white people? Surely liberal and progressive whites  have not forgotten race matters prior to Obama? It is safe to say that the conservative and right wingers have a long memory of these kinds of things.Will the slight “kumbaya” effect engendered by  the Obama presidency linger pass Lincoln’s birthday? read more

Bernie Sanders on Peachtree Street

By Michael November 24, 2015 Off

There was a chill in the air. Musicians gathered to play their instruments for change. A black entrepreneur hawked Bernie Sanders Tee Shirts and caps. The Communist Revolutionary Party begged for donations to fight abusive police conduct. Another group of activists passed out literature which asked people to remember the one year anniversary of Tamir Rice’s death. read more

Sanders is the Revolution

By Michael October 14, 2015 Off

“Somebody is ready for a political revolution,” Bernie Sanders a self described Democratic Socialist, is fond of saying. After watching Sanders articulate what a Democratic Socialist is during last night’s Democratic Presidential debate, I am not certain that enough people are ready for Sanders’ revolution. read more

Democrats Take Center Stage

By Michael October 11, 2015 Off

Finally, Democrats are poised to take center stage in their quest to hold onto the oval office for another four year term. By law, President Obama is prohibited from seeking a third term. On Tuesday, the Democrats will host their first of four debates in the 2016 presidential campaign season. It will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. CNN will provide a two hour coverage of this debate. It will be moderated by Anderson Cooper, who will be assisted by Dana Bash, Juan Carlos Lopez and Don Lemon. read more

Why Not Joe?

By Michael March 13, 2015 Off

Joe Biden has stood behind President Obama the last six years in every crisis from reviving the economy, to immigration reform, gay marriage, negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, the war in Iraq and health care reform. Photo Credits: upi.com

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