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Supreme Court Slams The Door in Trump’s Face

By Michael December 13, 2020 1

About the only way I can say it: The Supreme Court slammed the door in Trump’s face last week when it decided 9–0 to dismiss a complaint filed by the Attorney General of Texas against the election procedures of four other American states.

The Court shut the door so hard it ended all legal avenues for Trump’s campaign to overturn the people’s will and take the election victory away from Joe Biden and hand-deliver it to Trump. read more

Have The Democrats Lost Their Freaking Minds?

By Michael May 16, 2019 5

Now that there are at least 24 announced candidates for the Democratic Party Nomination, its time to ask the question:

Have the Democrats lost their freaking minds?

The 2020 Democratic Primary is a virtual buffet, a smorgasbord of delectable candidates like goodies, each vying for the focused attention of the American electorate. read more

Don’t Forget the Down Ballot In Midterm

By Michael September 17, 2018 0

By Floyd L. Griffin

This year year, don’t forget to vote the down ballot. I’ve been in politics for a very long time, probably far longer than I want to admit. I’ve cast votes in the Georgia General Assembly that at the time seemed liked the most important vote in my lifetime and the lifetime of the good people of Milledgeville who sent me to Atlanta. read more

Neither A Peep, Nor A Tweet Over Nashville and Saraland Waffle House From Trump

By Michael April 24, 2018 2

My maternal grandmother had an intense dislike for Herbert Hoover. She believed that Hoover was too much of an aristocrat to have empathy for the average American.

She knew fascinating details about all of the presidents from Teddy Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan. She was married the year before Hoover came into power. Her first child, my mom, was born six weeks after Hoover was elected. read more