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Poor Kyle Kashuv Gets No Sympathy From Me

By Michael June 19, 2019 Off

I’ve often come to the aid of the underdog. I have a long track record of siding with the disadvantage in an unfair fight. But I find it hard to muster any sympathy for poor Kyle Kashuv. Nope not a half-ounce of pity for this privileged kid, nada, zilch, notwithstanding the fact, Kashuv has 295,000 more twitter followers than I. read more

Did He Say It or Didn’t He Say It and Does It Matter If He Said it?

By Michael August 18, 2018 Off

Did Donald Trump say it or didn’t he say it and does it matter if he said it. The it being the “N” word, which stands for you know what, the name given to Black Americans by white Americans when they want to denigrate Black people and to flex their white supremacist muscles.

Trump said he did not say it. Omarosa Manigault Newman said he said it. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she would not be surprised if there is a tape of him saying it. Georgia State Senator Michael Williams says it does not matter if Trump said it years before he became President. read more

Hooray Black Colleges Receive Boost in Omnibus Spending Bill

By Michael March 23, 2018 Off

Good news for the nations Historically Black Colleges and Universities. When President Trump signed the Omnibus Spending Bill today little did he know, he approved a 14 percent increase in federal funding for HBCUs.

Many of the Black schools were founded in the first 50 years following the Civil War. There are 100 HBCUs still in existence. Many of them are in dire need of financial assistance to keep afloat. Last month Concordia College in Selma, Alabama announced they will close their doors following this academic school year, just four years short of a century providing education to Black Americans. read more