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Dag Bern Bernie Still In the Race

By Michael May 13, 2016 Off

“Dag Bern it,” Bernie is still in the race!

After feeling confident that he would overcome a 48 percentage point deficit in the New York Primary (he was only able to shave 33 points from that lead), nevertheless, Sanders presses on in his race for the White House.

The media has written him off, but the dogged Vermont Independent, vows he can wrestle the Democratic nomination from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. read more

Sanders War on Billionaires

By Michael January 19, 2016 Off

Billionaires have come under attack in the 2016 Presidential Election. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-V), a long-standing Independent is running in the Democratic Primary. He has single-handedly taken on the wealthiest Americans and vicariously billionaires in other parts of the world as well.

His case for the voter’s trust in this year’s election is based upon dismantling a political economy in America where one percent of the population (billionaires) own more wealth than the bottom ninety-nine percent. read more

Sanders Seeks Black College Vote

By Michael January 15, 2016 Off

The Black college vote is crucial to Bernie Sanders  in his quest to win the Democratic Presidential Primary.

“We are not leaving any votes on the table,” said Symone D. Sanders, the 25 year-old National Press Secretary for the Sanders campaign. Ms. Sanders, no relation to the candidate, said that “no other campaign has a similar initiative on Black college campuses.” read more