Month: December 2020

If You Are Reading This, You Survived 2020, Hooray, Blow A Sigh of Relief and Re-gird Your Loins

By Michael December 31, 2020 Off

I tried all month to write an end of 2020 piece. The words did not flow from my brain to my fingertips with ease as in past writing sessions. I never actually got to my keyboard to put words on the computer screen until now, about 24 hours before the year expires. I am not sure if I will get through this piece this time; the words are hard to find, which expresses my emotions about the last 12 months; at least, I have begun putting words into the computer. read more

Did Rube Foster Go Mad Because He Pushed the Limits of White Major League Baseball?

By Michael December 18, 2020 Off

This week, Major League Baseball integrated the record books from the segregated era of American history. The commissioner declared the exploits of Josh Gibson, Leroy Satchel Paige, Double Duty Radcliff, and others on even par with George Herman “Babe” Ruth, Walter Johnson, and Cy Young. Cliques abound: It’s about time, a long time coming, and what kept you so long, MLB? read more

Writing and Marketing My Way Through the 2020 Pandemic

By Michael December 16, 2020 Off

At the end of 2019, I set upon an ambitious course, and boldly announced I would win a book award for my memoir “Freaknik Lawyer: A Memoir on the Craft of Resistance.” I had a full schedule of speaking engagements and book signings that would take me into early summer.

On February 20, 2020, I was invited to speak on an author’s program hosted by the Washington Memorial Library in my hometown, the same library that had refused to issue a library card to me at age ten when I went in to check out a book on Willie Mays. It was a wet, blustery evening, but a sizable crowd turned out to see their native son. read more

Supreme Court Slams The Door in Trump’s Face

By Michael December 13, 2020 Off

About the only way I can say it: The Supreme Court slammed the door in Trump’s face last week when it decided 9–0 to dismiss a complaint filed by the Attorney General of Texas against the election procedures of four other American states.

The Court shut the door so hard it ended all legal avenues for Trump’s campaign to overturn the people’s will and take the election victory away from Joe Biden and hand-deliver it to Trump. read more