New Book Coming from Cascade Publishing House

July 25, 2020 0 By Michael

Cascade Publishing House is pleased to announce that it will publish I Didn’t Want to Do It: A Memoir From Sin to Mega-Church Builder by Donald Earl Bryant. This memoir is Bryant’s first book. He recently retired from the pulpit at Friendship Community Church in College Park, Georgia. Friendship is a debt-free megachurch.

The memoir will chronicle Bryant’s journey from partying with the Commodores and Tom Joyner at the Black Forest Club when they were students at Tuskegee Institute to his call to preach, and the vision he received from God to build a mega-church just weeks into his first pastorate.

I Didn’t Want to do It is slated for a fall release.

Author and publisher Harold Michael Harvey

“We are pleased to receive the opportunity to publish Dr. Bryant’s memoir,” Harold Michael Harvey, Cascade Publishing House, publisher said.

Harvey said Cascade Publishing House (CPH) received a referral from Dr. Charles Steele, Jr., President, and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. CPH published Steele’s book, Easier to Obtain than to Maintain: The Globalization of Civil Rights in 2016.

“I fell in love with the manuscript right away. This book is beneficial to anyone interested in the ministry and has a desire to build and manage the human dynamics of a mega-church,” Harvey said.

The reader will get an inside look into the politics involved in leading a church, and therefore it is of benefit to the laity as well as members doing ministry.

Bryant’s book will be the tenth book published by Cascade Publishing House since its 2011 inception.