Nothing Short of Lethal Injection Is Justice in Ahmaud Arbrey Matter

May 8, 2020 Off By Michael

Travis McMichael Mugshot, May 7, 2020


Ahmaud Arbrey, a peace-loving Black man, should be alive today, May 8, 2020, to celebrate his 25th birthday. But he will not reach a quarter-century of life because of two Georgia Crackers, Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael.

This trashy white father and son duo decided Arbrey was a thief and deserved the death penalty three months before his birthday. The McMichael’s were the arresting officers, the judge, jurors, and executioners of Mr. Arbrey, all without legal authority of any kind, except some illusion of white privilege wrapped in racial hatred and lurking in the murky still waters of the “Marshes of Glynn.”

Mugshot of Gregory McMichael, May 7, 2020.

These two Georgia Crackers are well known to the law enforcement authorities in south Georgia and to the governor, Brian Kemp. They have used their white privilege to remain free from arrest since the February day they “unlawfully and with malice of forethought” took Arbrey’s life. At least a viral video of the incident supports this contention of first-degree murder.

The McMichael’s arrest is the first turn of the wheels of justice. This murder case is a no bond case where the defendants remain in jail pending trial. The next move is for the prosecuting attorney to announce the State is seeking the “Death Penalty.” The prosecution needs a venue where the people do not know the McMichael’s and will be inclined to render a verdict based on the evidence without fear or favor.

Neither a life sentence or life without the possibility of parole is justice for Ahmaud Aubrey. Truth, Judgment, and justice come at the point of a lethal needle injected into the arm of each McMichael, sooner rather than later.

Senseless murders like these need the threat of death to act as a deterrence for future monsters like Gregory and Travis, while working out their racial feelings, seek to willy nilly harm, Black people without fear of retribution. No more forgiveness from the Black community until justice flows down like the mighty waters of the Chattahoochee River.