Month: March 2020

A Short Note on the Pandemic #10

By Michael March 22, 2020 Off

March 21, 2020, saw President Donald J. Trump’s approval rating in handling the pandemic move beyond fifty percent. In an NBC poll, 56 percent of Americans approve of the President’s management of the Corvid-19 pandemic. Again, his unique communication style has connected with a majority in the country, despite his inept handling of the most critical crises in American history. read more

A Short Note on the Pandemic #9

By Michael March 21, 2020 Off

Yesterday, March 20, 2020, more people filed for unemployment benefits in the United States in the history of unemployment benefits. The stock market dropped another 900 points wiping out gains in the market since Donald J. Trump became President.

During his daily press conference at the noon hour, President Trump picked a fight with another journalist. This time he attacked Peter Alexander, a White House correspondent with NBC News. Alexander asked the President what he could say to assure Americans that the Corvid-19 outbreak was under control. read more

A Short Note on the Pandemic #8

By Michael March 20, 2020 Off

On the first day of spring, March 19, 2020, the American President called a news conference to ostensibly update the country on the effort to stem the tide of the Covid-19 virus. Things were going well, then the President announced there was a drug that worked well against the coronavirus had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. read more

A Short Note on the Pandemic #7

By Michael March 19, 2020 Off

Yesterday, March 18, 2020, the President assembled his rapid response pandemic team for another press conference. He slurred his words, grew weary of trying to read his prepared remarks, then called on the Vice-President to tell the American people the contents of his speech.

Furthermore, on the leadership front, the President made excuses for the difficulty of the pandemic. One wonders how he ran his businesses. All the problems in the world come with a degree of difficulty. The reason we pay the leadership big bucks is for them to solve complex problems. When leadership whine about the complexities confronting them, it does not give confidence to the people led. Thus, unnecessary worry and concern experienced by Americans today. read more

A Short Note on the Pandemic #6

By Michael March 18, 2020 Off

As the United States moves further into the Corvid-19 Pandemic, the President proposes to give some Americans a $1,000 check to ease the burden caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus. One can view this as hush money for his initial ineptitude in dealing with the pandemic before Americans began to get sick. His lackadaisical approach caused his American supporters not to take Corvid-19 seriously and thereby to avoid appropriate steps to ward off the infection. As the numbers grow in the coming days, some, if not all, of the new coronavirus cases, can be traced back to the President’s initial down-play of the severity of the disease. Come November 3, $1000 can cause a large number of Americans to forget what inaction took place in January. read more

A Short Note on the Pandemic#5

By Michael March 17, 2020 Off

On March 16, 2020, the President finally admitted his administration does not have the coronavirus pandemic under control.

Moments later, the stock market dropped so fast that it closed down 2,997 points. This drop was the most significant in the market since the economic crisis of 2008. There is no question we are now in a bear market. read more

Book Signings Suspended Due To Covid-19 Pandemic

By Michael March 16, 2020 Off

Due to the CDC recommendation to limit crowd sizes to 50 people today, I am suspending all future book signings and public speaking appearances for the next two months. As with all small businesses and hourly workers, we will take a hit. Kindly buy a couple of our books, shipping is free, and we ship on the same day. Thanks for your help. read more

A Short Note on the Pandemic #4

By Michael March 16, 2020 Off

The Democratic Presidential Debate held on March 15, 2020, featuring former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, inspired more hope that America can manage the Coronovirus crisis than any of the administration’s press briefing of last week.

The only problem, neither of these two gentlemen will be in a position to take any action to resolve the spread of the pandemic and the social, medical, and economic impact of the Corvid-19 until noon, January 20, 2021. read more

Here is Why Louisiana and Georgia Should Not Have Suspended Elections

By Michael March 15, 2020 Off

In response to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, the states of Louisiana and Georgia have suspended their primaries slated for this month. Lousiana moved its primary back to April 4, and Georgia moved its primary election day to May.

Is it necessary to suspend election dates in light of the risk of people to people transmission of the Covid-19 virus? read more

A Short Note on the Pandemic #2

By Michael March 14, 2020 Off

When President Donald Trump calls a reporter’s question “nasty,” know that nothing else that comes out of his mouth is the truth about the pandemic.

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