Month: August 2019

Book Signing at Macon-Middle Georgia Greek Expo

By Michael August 22, 2019 Off

Harold Michael Harvey addresses the prestigious Business/Consumer Expo on August 29, 2019, at the Le Piada Event Center, 4295 Interstate Drive, Macon, Georgia. The program begins at 6:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm.

Following Harvey’s presentation, he will autograph his third book, Freaknik Lawyer: A Memoir on the Craft of Resistance. read more

Coley Bidding ESPN Goodbye

By Michael August 16, 2019 Off

Cyn and I dropped by ESPN today to thank the nice people at ESPN for nurturing Coley Harvey during this period in his career.

He is heading off to Fox Sports to cover Big Ten football and basketball.

I am willing to bet ESPN will still him back within three years.

In The Big Apple

By Michael August 15, 2019 Off

Today we are in the Big Apple searching for a book distribution deal for Freaknik Lawyer.

We believe in the inspirational message contained in this book.

Many of the early readers of this work have called or written to say how much inspiration they have received from reading Freaknik Lawyer.

We are not going to spare any effort or cost to get this work before a large audience where it can inspire more people to craft a plan of resistance against the forces of indifference and inequality which seeks to deny their dreams.

Until that book distribution deal comes along, you can purchase a copy at

A Kicking Promo For Freaknik Lawyer

By Michael August 13, 2019 Off

“We are not leaving any stones unturned with the release of Freaknik Lawyer: A Memoir on the Craft of Resistance,” Harold Michael Harvey said after approving the release of a kicking ad promoting his third book.

Cascade Publishing House has obtained the professional voice-over skills of Marque Denmon to beat the drum for the virtue of Freaknik Lawyer. Denmon has over 20 years in radio and copywriting experience. read more

Freaknik Lawyer Debuts With Great Expectations

By Michael August 11, 2019 Off

Freaknik Lawyer, the third book authored by Harold Michael Harvey debuted two weeks ago. The book is subtitled A Memoir on the Craft of Resistance (Cascade Publishing House, Atlanta, 2019).

Harvey starts his memoir on the day before his birth. As is his unique writing style, Harvey weaves the present with the past, pushing the readers to create a better future than the past or the present. read more

Is He Is or Is He Ain’t A Racist

By Michael August 10, 2019 Off

Is he is or is he ain’t a racist. Some say that he is, others say that no, he can’t be. He concedes that he “is the least racist person” on the planet. This admission is significant merely because it is the single thing that he boasts about where he is not number one.

Whether he is or is not a racist is debatable. There is a strong case for attaching the racist label to the 45th US President. His supporters refute this argument. They explain he is talking about the harmful elements of the groups he targets with harsh words. Albeit, those words get projected on the law-abiding people as well.
read more

Marcus Smith Lands Voorhees Head Baseball Coach Post

By Michael August 4, 2019 Off

“I’m excited to get another chance to revive a baseball program,” Coach Marcus Smith said over lunch at the iconic Beautiful Restaurant in southwest Atlanta.

Fourteen months ago, Smith walked away from the Head Baseball Coach position at Le Moyne-Owen in Memphis, Tennessee over an NCAA compliance issue that occurred two years before he became head coach at the school. read more