Month: July 2019

C. T. Vivian, A Young Civil Rights Warrior Turns 95

By Michael July 31, 2019 Off

He was born on this day, July 30, in 1924. Born on farmland that had been in the family dating back to the days when Missouri became the first slave state to free its enslaved population. In the ensuing 59 years, successive generations of the family found it more and more challenging to hold onto the family farm. read more

Mueller Time Came, Now What?

By Michael July 25, 2019 Off

For the past 18 months, Democrats have waited for Mueller Time to arrive. One may say with high expectations. It finally did.

Robert Mueller, Special Investigator into Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election spoke with two House Committees (the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees) this week. read more

Marque Denmon Brings pro Experience to MVP Baseball classic

By Michael July 14, 2019 Off

“This tournament doesn’t have to have a PA announcer. It would be a success without me. What I bring to this tournament is an authentic baseball experience for these young men,” added Denmon in a tone so deep, so rich, that the hearer can only imagine those words originated from somewhere around his navel and moved upwards bursting out of his mouth, and punctuating the airwaves with a resonance indescribable. read more

Helping People Is What MVP Is All About

By Michael July 13, 2019 Off

“Helping people is what we are all about,” Greg “Goody” Goodwin said after he had arranged a try-out for Kendall Ford in between games at the 2019 MVP (Mentoring Viable Prospects) Classic. Ford is a graduate of the MVP program. He recently graduated from Columbus State University, where he played the middle infield positions. read more

In Search of Black Baseball Players

By Michael July 12, 2019 Off

The 15th annual MVP (Mentoring Viable Prospects) Baseball Classic got underway with a bang in Dekalb County, Georgia on Thursday, July 11, 2019, at the Georgia State University Baseball Complex.

MVP has become a gateway to collegiate baseball scholarships and professional baseball contracts for Black athletes throughout the country. read more

Ted Cruz Stop Whitesplaining Frederick Douglass to Colin Kaepernick

By Michael July 9, 2019 Off

The nerve of Ted Cruz, (R-Senator-Texas) taking to Twitter on the Fourth of July whitesplaining Frederick Douglass to humanist and former professional football player Colin Kaepernick. Cruz created a twitter storm among white conservatives after Kaepernick successfully convinced Nike, the giant tennis shoe manufacturer, not to roll out a Betsy Ross flag sneaker for Independence Day. read more

Annual MVP Baseball Classic Set for July 11-13

By Michael July 9, 2019 Off

The Annual MVP (Mentoring Viable Prospects) program has announced first-round pairings for what has become a gateway to college baseball scholarships for African American athletes.

For nearly 20 years MVP has invited elite teams to visit the Georgia State University Baseball Complex in July to compete in three days of baseball, with workshops on how to prepare for the collegiate and professional recruitment process, and an awards banquet after crowning a champion on the field. read more

We got tanks and planes and orangutans!

By Michael July 3, 2019 Off


Before I was elected, everybody took advantage of America, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Brits, the Germans, NATO. Everybody except my buddy Putin.

World, if you are listening, the United States of America is a mean country. We bad to the bone. We’ve got tanks and planes and orangutans. We mean business in the USA. read more

We Are About to See If Joe Biden Has Grit

By Michael July 1, 2019 Off

Six years ago, several draft Biden organizations sprang up around the country. These draft Biden movements encouraged the then Vice President to enter the Democratic race to replace his boss, President Barack Obama.

Biden would be a shoo-in many in the “Riding with Biden” movement thought. He was after all the Vice President for the first Black person elected President of the United States of America. read more