Abbott Race and Unity Institute

May 6, 2019 Off By Michael

Forty years ago a swimming pool was used to separate us, today we sat by the pool and discussed racial unity.

Also on this day in 1905, Robert S. Abbott founded the Chicago Defender newspaper.

The Abbott Race and Unity Institute was founded ten years ago to foster relationships between people of varying multicultural backgrounds.

Today that diversity was in display on St. Simon Island, Georgia as Harold Michael Harvey gave the group a working definition of racism:

Harvey told the group that racism is the power to determine the outcome of a situation.

To get whites to understand this concept, Harvey told a story from his days in college about the power exerted over a white baseball player by a black player . The white player was the only white person in the stadium. Their was no one to come to the aid of the white players.

This was a powerful lesson. Every white person at the poolside immediately understand racism better than ever before in their life.