Month: January 2019

Atlanta Travel Baseball Team Embark on Humanitarian Mission to Puerto Rico

By Michael January 16, 2019 Off


ATL METRO RBI is poised to give new meaning to the term travel ball, as much of youth league baseball today is played on travel baseball teams. At least the elite players are on teams that travel a few miles, and in some cases several thousand miles, to compete against other elite baseball players. Travel ball is all about baseball and acquiring elite baseball skills to advance to collegiate and professional play. read more

Getting Down in the Gutter with Trump

By Michael January 9, 2019 Off

No one in the US House of Representatives will confuse Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) as the gentlelady from Michigan. How is that possible after her first day on the job in which she called the nation’s chief executive a Mother, you know what?

Perhaps I should not be so mild mannered that I cannot say the word in public. Let’s have a go at it. read more

On The Arrogance of Power in the White House

By Michael January 4, 2019 Off

American Presidents have never been wilting violets with tiny egos. Once Richard M. Nixon averred out loud, that criminal activity is not criminal activity if committed by the President of the United States.

Nixon believed it was lawful to order some of the President’s men to break into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters and steal their plans for defeating his reelection efforts. Also, any subsequent lies to cover up his involvement in the break-in was a legal exercise of the powers of the Office of the Presidency. After all the federal criminal code was designed to prosecute all other Americans except the President – the only person in the American system of justice whom the law did not apply – placing the President above the law, at least so Nixon thought, vowing to the bitter end that he was “not a crook.” read more