Month: October 2018

They Came for the Jews, Suddenly no one’s left

By Michael October 29, 2018 Off

Finally, the Nazis, the Klan, the white brotherhood came for the Jews, just as they did in Hitler’s nationalist Germany; and suddenly there is no one else left to come to the aid of the defenseless, the vulnerable, the Blacks, the Christians, the Muslims, the immigrants, the poor.

First they came for unarmed Black teenagers walking home on the streets of Florida and Missouri and in the drive-thru in Jacksonville. Then they came for a defenseless young lady in Texas, a group of elementary school children in Sandy Hooks, a group of African Methodists in Charleston and a father selling cigarettes on a street corner in Harlem. The beat goes on and on and on. read more

Russians Trolling Black Voters -Appropriating Words of Malcolm X

By Michael October 20, 2018 Off


Just 18 days before voters hit the booths in the 2018 midterm election and Russian

trolls (for lack of a better definition) have launched a vigorous attack on Black voters with an old Malcolm X Speech.

In the early 1960s Malcolm X broke down the Democratic Party as the northern wolves and the southern Dixiecrats. During this period of American history, Blacks were prohibited from voting in the Democratic Party Primaries in the South. These primaries were termed as the White Primary by southern Blacks. The White Primary determined the white Democrat who would represent the Democrats on the ballot in November. Blacks usually voted Republican during this period of time without any suggestion from Russian trolls. read more

Time Up for Talking, Time to Early Vote

By Michael October 12, 2018 Off

By: Floyd L. Griffin, Jr.

I think we all know what time it is. It is time up for talking. It’s time to early vote.

Let me hasten to say that I am a Democrat. I make no apologies for believing in Democratic principles. There is nothing lukewarm about my support for Democratic governance. As a former politician, I have worked both sides of the room. I am pragmatic enough to know that in government we need our best ideas coming from both sides of the aisle. read more