This Could Be The Last Free 4th of July, I Don’t Know

July 2, 2017 Off By Michael

Donald Trump meets with Putin this week.Will Americans be free of Russian interference after the two meet?
Photo Credits: AP

It all began with fireworks in 1776, an explosive firecracker was ignited, that lit a spark under the colonies to chart a course to be free from British rule.

But this year, 2017 could be the last free 4th of July the United States of America experiences.

I just don’t know how America can remain free after Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with American President Donald J. Trump later this week.

There meeting will follow the nation’s celebration of 241 years of freedom from a European tyrant.

Why am I concerned?

I am concerned because for the first time in many years, if ever, the American president is the least experienced member of the superpowers on the world stage. This factor could determine if America is free on the 4th of July, 2018.

Among friendly nation-states, Angela Merkel is the best prepared head of state.

She should emerge from the gathering of western leaders this week as the leading voice for freedom, democracy and prosperity in the world. A role once held by whoever, at any given time, happened to be the American President.

However, this year, with the inauguration of DJT, America’s ability to lead on the world stage has been greatly diminished. This is partly due to the naivety of DJT in foreign policy matters and in part due to his America first initiative. A push which seems to place more efficacy on American isolationism than on preserving the traditional alliances which grew out of the peace accord that ended the Second World War.

With respect to American adversaries, DJT appears to be on par with North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. They both seem to grasp the enormous military power at their disposal, without the accompanying appreciation of how to play nice in the international sandbox. They are both bullies, which should aid the west in neutralizing a nuclear threat from North Korea, as bullies tend not to test the resolve of other bullies.

Adversarially, the big problem is the huge experience gap between President Putin and DJT. Putin has a good grasp on what is in Russia’s self-interest.

DJT does not have a clue about where America should be in the next five years, 10 years, etc. His interest in America seems to be to hold onto the presidential limelight for eight years to bolster his poor self-esteem and to allow his wealthy friends to amass even more money.

Rocket Scientists could differ, but it is not likely, that a majority of them could not figure out that the president with a clear vision for world dominance by his country has the upper-hand when negotiating with a president who could care less about the long-term survival of his country as an independent nation-state.

This year could be the last free celebration of American independence, I just don’t know.


Harold Michael Harvey is an American novelist and essayist. He is a Contributor at The Hill, SCLC National Magazine, Southern Changers Magazine and Black College Nines. He can be contacted at