Month: July 2017

Elmore Nickelberry 53 Years On a Memphis Garbage Truck

By Michael July 26, 2017 Off

In 1964 Elmore Nickelberry was 32 years old. He was the father of five children.  He was a hero of sorts, but no one knew it or if they did know it, they gave him no recognition for his sacrifice and service to his country.

That year, Nickelberry was discharged from the United States Army, where he had served in the early stages of America’s involvement in Vietnam. His release was bitter sweet. read more

MVP – A Treasure Trove of Black Baseball Talent

By Michael July 16, 2017 Off

Mentoring Viable Prospects (MVP) is a treasure trove of Black baseball talent in America. Few college recruiters are aware of MVP. Steve Kletke, Canadian by birth and assistant baseball coach at Indian Hills Community College in Centerville, Iowa is one of them. He knows the value of Black college baseball players to a college program. read more

It’s A Myth Black Kids Do Play Baseball

By Michael July 15, 2017 Off

Is it a myth, that Black kids are not playing baseball in sufficient numbers to field the rosters of college and professional teams?

The MVP program in Decatur, Georgia has been on a 14 year mission to not only disprove this myth, but provide a showcase for urban kids to display their baseball skills. read more

Is Hopkins A Victim of GOP Voter Roll Purge?

By Michael July 7, 2017 Off

Make no bones about it, Stacey A. Hopkins, has been politically active most of her life. The Brooklyn, New York native with roots in Atlanta, came south several years ago. She has been quite active of late in progressive politics. But a letter she received from state election officials in Georgia may have landed her in the biggest political fight of her life. read more

Georgia Voter Questions Change of Voter Status

By Michael July 6, 2017 Off

Stacey A. Hopkins, a registered voter in Fulton County, Georgia is questioning a letter she received from Georgia election officials. The letter states that Hopkins, a member of Georgia’s progressive political action community, will be moved to a list of inactive voters if she does not return a form to the Secretary of States office which requests personal information within 30 days. read more

All Trump Tweets Are Not Newsworthy

By Michael July 3, 2017 Off

This may come as a shock to many in the mainstream news media. I really hate to tell them this obvious fact: All Trump tweets are not newsworthy.

Certainly, DJT is the President of the USA, but everything uttered by way of the twitter feed @realDonaldTrump is not worthy to be included in a 24-hour news cycle.    read more

This Could Be The Last Free 4th of July, I Don’t Know

By Michael July 2, 2017 Off

It all began with fireworks in 1776, an explosive firecracker was ignited, that lit a spark under the colonies to chart a course to be free from British rule.

But this year, 2017 could be the last free 4th of July the United States of America experiences.

I just don’t know how America can remain free after Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with American President Donald J. Trump later this week. read more

Stein Welcomes Chance To Testify Before Congress

By Michael July 2, 2017 Off

Jill Stein, the 2016 Green Party Presidential candidate, says she welcomes a chance to testify before Congress concerning a dinner she attended in Russian during a December 2015 trip abroad. At this dinner, former Trump administration National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Russian President Vladimir Putin were seated across the table from her. read more