Month: June 2017

Hitting Our Stride At Cascade Publishing House

By Michael June 8, 2017 0

It is hard to imagine it. The calendar says that Cascade Publishing House has been six years in the world of publishing. We are finally hitting our stride. The idea for Cascade Publishing House came about after I had a bad experience in the traditional world of book publishers.

In late 2009, I signed a publishing contract with a Baltimore Publishing House. It had the indicia of a real publishing house. After receiving a small advance, my manuscript, Paper Puzzle was on its way to becoming a published work of fiction. read more

To Be a Nigger or Not to Be a Nigger?

By Michael June 3, 2017 6

To be a Nigger or not to be a Nigger, that is the question? Whether it is nobler in mind and body to constantly suffer the racial slur hurled at Africans by white supremacist? This is the question of the day, the hour, albeit every moment that an African in America draws a breath.

Bill Maher, a rather progressive comedian thinks it is okay for him to use the slur in a matter of fact manner. read more