Donald Plays Trump Card In Georgia Sixth

June 22, 2017 Off By Michael

President Donald Trump, shown here at Redding Municipal Airport Friday, June 3, 2016, in Redding, Calif. , has played The Trump Card in Georgia Sixth Congressional District and won.
(AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Donald has played the trump card again. This time in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District. He is on a roll. This was the seventh time the Trump card has been played and each time the Trump card has proven to be a winner for the Republicans.

The Donald first played the trump card last summer during the GOP primaries. He won their nomination for president.

The Democrats were chomping at the bit, the saliva was drooping down their cheeks at the prospect of getting Trump in the General Election ring. Their candidate, a former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of Defense was a shoo-in to trounce him in a game of bid whist, a card game popular among African Americans.

She was a shoo-in, that is, until The Donald played the trump card. No one is sure if he pulled this card out of his sleeve, got it from the Russians or whether it came with the hand he was dealt.

What we know is The Donald is, for now, the King of the Hill; and that he has played the trump card in five congressional special elections since winning the White House sweepstakes seven months ago, winning each time he has intervened on behalf of a Republican candidate.

Meanwhile, Democrats find every reason under the sun to explain why they have not won a major election since President Barack Obama won reelection in 2012. Every reason that is that has to do with how corrupt and crooked Donald Trump is, but nary a finger pointing at what they have done to throw the last six federal elections.

Democrats have to come to grips with one salient fact: Donald Trump, the man they like to despise, as unfit to be president, is kicking them in the seat of the pants and enjoying the fact that Democrats do not have a clue about how he is doing it.

Allow me to let you in on a secret: Trump is winning precisely because he is speaking the language of the people he represents, at a time when Democrats are speaking in lofty terms about things that do not speak to the goals and aspirations of their constituents.

Moreover, Democratic party bosses should get out of the business of hand-picking candidates to represent the party. They should allow the natural selection process to run its course to determine what issues the people want addressed.

For instance, three years ago in Georgia, a red state, Democratic Party bigwigs selected a conservative Democrat to run against a conservative Republican for an open senate seat. A lukewarm Democrat is about as useless to a political party as a lukewarm Christian is to the “Kingdom.”

Additionally the Democrat, Michelle Nunn, had not lived in Georgia since she was in middle school and has not been seen in the state since she lost that election to David Perdue. There were qualified Democratic candidates living in the state, who given the financial resources, could have run a winning campaign.

Fast forward to 2017, Democrats in Washington, sent a 21 st century carpetbagger south to run for the open house seat vacated by Rep. Tom Price. But that is not all, not only did the party select John Ossoff, a Georgia native, who had been living in Washington to run for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional seat, but Ossoff failed to set up residence in the Sixth District, opting instead to reside in his parents basement which was outside district lines.

In all fairness to him, the constitution does not require representatives to live in the congressional district they represent, but to do otherwise, smacks of taxation without representation.

Ossoff did not remedy this situation and did not provide any voter education to inform the public that the constitution does not prohibit him from representing the area in Washington.

After Ossoff had spent $23 million – none on voter education – he held a one percentage point lead going into election day, The Donald, pulled out yet another trump card, hitting Ossoff over the head with the fact that he did not live in the district.

In fact had the vote ended in a tie, Ossoff could not have voted to ensure himself the victory. Additionally, Ossoff is another lukewarm Democrat, who took a middle of the road political persona. History records that we are in a period of extreme political rhetoric and he or she who would be elected to public office must of necessity take a hard line stand to the right or to the left of center.

It is blunders like these that keeps Donald J. Trump in control of the bid whist game, which prevents Democrats from bidding no trump downtown allowing the contestant with the lowest vote count to win.

Oh forget the spin, close only counts in horseshoes, not to mention, that it takes a well-run operation to win the close matches and right now, Trump is winning the close bids. This enables him to name the trump suit and to keep the game uptown where the team with the highest number win.

Harold Michael Harvey is an American novelist and essayist, the author of Paper puzzle and Justice in the Round, edited Easier to obtain Than to Maintain: The Globalization of Civil Rights by Charles Steele, Jr.; and the host of Beyond the Law with Harold Michael Harvey. He can be contacted at