Month: April 2017

Trump On the Eve of One Hundred Days

By Michael April 25, 2017 Off

On the eve of one hundred days, since President Barack H. Obama handed the country over to Donald J. Trump; and I am amazed at two things.

The first thing that amazes me is the hatred that Trump antagonists have for him. This president is the classic, either you love him or you hate him. A case in point, a recent poll of voters who voted Trump into office say they do not regret their vote. In fact 96 percent of them continue to support him in spite of Trump’s bumbling start. These Trump supporters argue that he should be given time to learn on the job. read more

With Little Fanfare SCLC Turned 60 This Year

By Michael April 11, 2017 Off

With little fanfare, this year, SCLC reached 60 Years of service to humanity.

January this year marked the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. This conference of Christian brothers and sisters grew out of a profound need to remove the political, social and economic shackles from descendants of people who had been forcibly removed from their home in Africa in the 15th, 16th and especially the 17th century; and brought to what would become the United States of America. read more

Darien Brown:Birth Defect No Snag for Tuskegee Pitcher

By Michael April 7, 2017 Off

Like many red-blooded American boys, Darien Brown, quickly developed a passion for the game of baseball. He not only enjoyed watching it, but wanted to play the game. Although born in 1998 at the end of the Atlanta Braves impressive decade long run for major league baseball dominance, the hype and hoopla over his hometown team was still going strong when Darien began to focus on his environment, from the walker he used to navigate his world. read more

Tubman Exhibit Honors Johnson and Montford Point Marines

By Michael April 4, 2017 Off

EDITOR’S NOTE: I have been asked to write a brief bio of Frank Jones Johnson for a plaque which will be displayed in the Tubman Museum honoring Johnson and Eugene Mosley, two Maronites who were among the first Blacks to serve in the United States Marine Corp. Here is my inscription.  

Frank Jones Johnson (1927-2016) was born in West Bibb County, Georgia in a section of the county known as Unionville. The community acquired its name because the residents preached unity of purpose to address social concerns in the community by helping each family. It was this sense of helping others that would guide the life of Frank J. Johnson. read more

President Obama Hitting the Ground Running Day One

By Michael April 3, 2017 Off

Editor’s Note: In 2009 I wrote a piece for, “President Obama Hitting the Ground Running Day One,” about the fast start of President Barack Obama in his first 25 days. As we approach 75 days of the Donald Trump administration, we thought it would be interesting to reflect on the early days of Obama’s first 100 days. read more