Racism on the Brain

March 10, 2015 Off By Michael
White people decrying the fact that Racism killed Trayvon Martin in an Atlanta Rally in 2012. Photo Credits: Harold Michael Harvey

White people decrying the fact that Racism killed Trayvon Martin in an Atlanta Rally in 2012. Photo Credits: Harold Michael Harvey

Racism on the brain is a disease. It affects many erstwhile well adjusted white people. Racism on the brain is a curable disease. I think President Barack Obama should issue a challenge to the nation to eradicate racism on the brain.

He should boldly declare this goal like President John F. Kennedy boldly charted the nation on a mission to the moon within the decade of the 1960s.

The President should be so bold as to narrow the focus of his challenge to white Americans who suffer from racism on the brain. Yes, I think he should limit is scope to white Americans, and you know the ones I am talking about. The white people who thinks it is necessary to denigrate black people at every private moment when black people are not present.

I have had progressive white friends tell me, “You should hear how white people talk about you all when there are no black people around.” I presume these are liberal and progressive white people like the white friends who have shared these private discussions with me. I can only imagine how horrible the taunts are from conservative white Americans.

Now if you are white, do not race card me, you know what I am saying is true. Surely, you have, whether you participated in the discussion or not,  been present when all manner of disgusting generalizations have been leveled at the black race.

It is time to stop perpetuating this nonsense. Please do not tell me that I would stop if the blacks would stop. You have the privilege, so why not take the high ground and cure the racism in you first. Even if it does not bring about a change in black people towards you it will not matter, because you would have established that you are the better person. After all, you have always contended that you were better. Now is the time and the manner to prove it.

On Sunday, when I was leaving the 50th Selma Anniversary, a group of Latino Americans were gathered in a circle protesting the immigration policy. There protest was in Spanish. A middle-aged black woman walked passed them and snarled, “Speak in English so people will know what you are talking about.” Clearly, this woman showed insensitivity to the Latino Americans. I took her to task and told her she should learn Spanish and that those Americans had a right to voice their protest in any language they chosed.

In order to cure racism on the brain, it is incumbent upon each of us to speak up, no matter how slight the offense may be whenever, we hear someone denigrating someone different from their own group.

Racism on the brain can and should be eliminated in this decade. Pull up your pants white people and eliminate racism on the brain.


Harold Michael Harvey, JD, is the author of the legal thriller “Paper Puzzle,” and “Justice in the Round: Essays on the American Jury System,” available at Amazon and at haroldmichaelharvey.com. He can be contacted at hmharvey@haroldmichaelharvey.com