New Book by Rodney Battle

February 3, 2015 Off By Michael

Grey ColumnsWe are pleased to announce a new book on relationships has been acquired by Cascade Publishing House. The author is Rodney Battle. The working title is “The Battle Line: Boy meets Girl or Vice Versa.” The Battle Line is sure to bring a fun hip-hop approach to meeting and greeting that special someone. The Battle Line is expected to be published in time for the holiday season.

Rodney Battle is an up and coming writer. He lives in Montgomery, Alabama and earned a degree in Psychology from Alabama State University.

Battle came to the attention of the Cascade Publishing House by way of his  provocative and racy posts about relationships on Facebook. He is an inspiration to a growing group of men and women who are out to sharpen their relationship skills.

Here is a snippet of what readers can expect from Rodney Battle:

“LADIES: Once a MAN feels like he “HAS YOU” he then begin to TEST you! He wanna see what all you are willing to put up with…, ladies to avoid all the BS you gotta be sure to ESTABLISH that ZERO TOLERANCE policy in the BEGINNING! Men VICE VERSA. It makes for a beautiful relationship.”

“Rodney Battle is an up and coming writer,” Cynthia Harvey, Media Relations spokesperson for Cascade Publishing House said. “We look forward to working with him.”

Battle came to the attention of Cascade Publishing House from the hilarious posts he makes on Facebook. “He is a real social media guru,” Harvey said.

The human in Battle’s work is unique and touch a nerve with many of his social media connections.

“We look forward to working with Mr. Battle in the editing process, she said.

This could be an interesting process because Mr. Battle tells it like it is in a boy meets girl relationship.

Mr. Battle’s book is expected out in time for Valentine.